Monday, January 12, 2009

Will Drivers Ever Give Up Cellphones?

Recently while driving from New York to Pennsylvania, I suddenly realized I had taken the wrong exit for the New Jersey Turnpike.
For me it was a startling mistake that had me going north instead of south, and added at least a half hour to my commute. It had happened while I was talking to a friend on the phone. Even though I had been using a headset and had both hands on the wheel, I still made an important driving error.
Beyond my driving mistake, there are plenty of data to show that cell phone conversations and driving don’t mix. My Well column in Tuesday’s Science Times explores the science of cell phones and driving, and helps explain why even hands-free cellphone use takes a toll on your driving ability. Now the National Safety Council has called for a total ban on cellphone use while driving.
Read the full story, “A Problem of the Brain, Not the Hands: Group Urges Phone Ban for Drivers,” and then join the discussion below. Are you willing to give up your hands-free cell phone calls during your driving time?

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  1. Another reason why I want to move to France.