Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Prevention cancer, what we should eat vegetables?

Cancer cases around us in the frequent occurrence of aggressive treatment is the best approach। But in everyday life a little attention to diet, can prevent cancer happen? The answer is yes। Here I will give you some vegetables can prevent cancer, according to their own taste preferences often selective eat something, you can achieve the role of cancer prevention. Concanavalin Suitable for esophageal and gastric cardia, gastric cancer patients with nausea hiccup when eating, there are only uh Jiangqi effect। Concanavalin inquiry old civil commonly used powder, 30 grams each to eat, and Japan served 2 or 3 times, every 30 days for a course of treatment. Lumbar pain of kidney cancer, the public has 50 grams of beans with a knife, with one kidney, kidney soup into taking it in 1 day at times served.

Bean Alias beans. Suitable for leukemia, nasopharyngeal cancer, thyroid cancer, osteosarcoma, malignant mole, chorionic epithelial cancer, breast cancer, cervical pain, ovarian pain, testicular cancer, colorectal cancer patients to eat. This is because the seeds of sugar bean protein, trypsin inhibitor, and red blood cells containing the human body has a strong activity in PHA, as a result of PHA have a certain anti-cancer effect, and there is, the cancer patients should eat more. Bean sprouts Is a good anti-cancer vegetables, not only because of its nutrient-rich, containing a large number of anti-cancer effect of the amount of vitamin C and carotene. More importantly, Levin sprouts contain an enzyme, can block the carcinogenic nitrosamines in the body's synthesis. At the same time, bean sprouts in chlorophyll, cellulose can also control a number of colorectal cancer and other cancer, cancer patients eat bean sprouts, the promotion of nutrition, disease control the development of certain benefits. Kelp Chinese traditional medicine, the sea with Huatan, Ruanjian, Sanjie role, is commonly used in Chinese medicine to treat cancer drugs, more should be used on the gall tumor, sputum of nuclear and other, which is equivalent to modern medicine said thyroid, esophagus, stomach, breast, lymph system benign or malignant tumors, cancer is always an ideal anti-cancer food, suitable for thyroid cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, esophageal cancer, cardiac cancer, uterine cancer, malignant lymphoma patients take. Porphyra Cold, sweet salty, there Qingre, Ruanjian, Huatan function is ideal for cancer patients anti-cancer food, suitable for brain tumors, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, malignant lymphoma, and a variety of tumors with lymph node metastasis regular use, which inhibit tumor growth, narrow the masses to ease the development of the disease have a certain effect. Seaweed Modern pharmacological studies confirmed that the algae have a certain anti-cancer function, is also a kind of anti-cancer anti-cancer food, traditional Chinese medicine that cold seaweed can Ruanjian, Sanjie, Xiaotan, suitable for head and neck, thyroid, digestive tract, lungs and lymph System of people taking a variety of malignant tumors. Usually associated with kelp with food, more appropriate. Auricularia Sexual-ping, sweet, can Yiqi, Yangyin. Modern study found that black fungus in the body contains a polysaccharide with a certain degree of anti-cancer activity. This role is not to direct inhibition of cancer or destroy cancer cells, but by increasing the body's immunity to cancer, and this is what Chinese medicine uphold effect. Therefore, suitable for various types of cancer Auricularia patients and radiotherapy, chemotherapy or postoperative physical infirmity are edible. White fungus Sexual-ping, sweet light, there Ziyin, Moistening Lung, Yangwei, Sheng Jin function is a kind of anti-cancer nutritional Fuzheng tonic. Modern pharmacological studies have shown that tremella can promote the transformation of lymphocytes in the body, improve immune function. Tremella polysaccharides on anti-tumor cells have a certain extent, on the various types of cancer patients and chemotherapy and radiotherapy after the weak, and is particularly suitable. Hericium erinaceus Or Hericium is a nutritious edible fungi, suitable for various types of cancer patients, especially the consumption of the digestive system cancer patients. Hericium erinaceus is not only nutritious, it contains polysaccharides, peptide on the cancer cells have a stronger inhibitory effect, at the same time enable the body protein composition of any significant increase, resulting in the interferon, and enhance the anti - cancer effects. Therefore, cancer patients often eat Hericium erinaceus helps increase the body's immune globulin, to enhance lymphocyte transformation rate, or mention of white blood cells, enhancing immune function, play a role in cancer prevention of cancer. Flammulina According to Japanese scholars, Flammulina mushrooms contain a Su-Park, which Park Su-mushroom can effectively inhibit tumor growth, with obvious anti-cancer effect. Japan's Nagano is the production of Flammulina a place where most residents in the county is often taken as a result of this edible fungus and rarely get cancer, the region of tumor incidence was significantly lower than other regions. Can be seen in patients with various types of cancer Flammulina is an ideal food. Volvacea Cold, sweet, can Qingre Yangyin Shengjin. In addition it is rich in vitamin C has a good effect against cancer, the straw mushroom fruiting bodies also contains a heterologous protein, also has a certain anti-cancer effect. Suitable for various types of cancer patients use can enhance the body's anti-cancer ability to treat cancer. Ostreatus In recent years, China's medical workers found that ostreatus is also a kind of anti-cancer food, it has a direct role in cancer prevention of cancer, and suitable for stomach cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, cervical cancer patients to take. To some extent, can stabilize the patient's condition, control of cancer development, and reduce the postoperative metastasis and recurrence. Commonly known as mushrooms. The United States, Japan scientific staff, in the mushrooms found in a 1,3-β-glucosidase by the anti-cancer tests showed that cancer patients treated with this material, can enhance the body's ability to inhibit cancer, strengthen the anti-cancer role. China's pharmaceutical workers also found that mushrooms contained Lentinan to enhance the effectiveness of anti-cancer drugs, though not directly kill the tumor cells, but can stimulate the reticuloendothelial system. Therefore, various types of cancer patients, fresh mushrooms, can improve their immune function and anti-cancer ability to enhance the radiotherapy and chemotherapy efficacy, the prevention of chemotherapy after radiotherapy-induced leukopenia. Persist after the operation and long-term consumption mushrooms, the prevention of cancer recurrence and metastasis is also quite beneficial. Fish maw Also known as isinglass, white fish. Sexual-ping, sweet, can Bushen, Yijing, reduces swelling,

"Compendium of Materia Medica," said it "casual blood stasis, swelling drug." "Common medicinal animals" in the description: "test governance malignant: dry fish 40 grams, 40 grams subsoil kitchen, a total of inquiry, Japan for 3 times 10 grams." Inner Mongolia civil governance gastric esophageal cancer, useful to Shannon fried fish cakes, crushed, 5 grams per serving, the Japanese way to serve 3 times.Yellow peas Commonly known as Chinese cabbage, winter people to eat one of the main vegetable. Detoxification with the exception of heat, Tom Lee gastrointestinal effect. Modern view that there are anti-cancer effect of Chinese cabbage, Chinese cabbage This is because contains trace elements copper, can inhibit the body's absorption of carcinogenic nitrosamines and synthesis. Therefore, cancer patientsquite appropriate. Cauliflower Modern scientists have discovered, cauliflower and other vegetables in the cabbage, which contains a variety of indole derivatives, these substances can increase the body of carcinogens benzene and methyl anthraquinone Benzopyrene resistance, which has anti-cancer effects. Therefore, cancer patients should eat it. In addition, cancer patients may also wish to eat escargot, loach, Coelomactra antiquata, Yangmei, onions, horse teeth vegetables, onions, water spinach, Malange first, chrysanthemum brain, winter bamboo shoots, Chinese wolfberry head, Sargassum, bird's nest, Adenophora, American ginseng , Astragalus, duck, carp, silver fish, mackerel, blood, kidney, sponge gourd, snake melon, Chinese cabbage, amaranth, Chrysanthemum, celery, wild rice stem, olives, loquat, orange cake and grapes.


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