Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Drink green tea will be fasting renal injury!

The role of green tea's health has been well-known, and along with the international role of green tea health care more and more in depth study, green tea seems to have become a lot of people choosing health care choice. Many people throughout the day is a teacup chain, green tea nothing, am I get up there were some people who drink a cup of green tea as a habit. But the national Tea Quality Supervision and Testing Center, an associate research fellow-remind: fasting drink green tea, on the adverse gastrointestinal health. Some people say that green tea is not the result of fermentation of tea, fresh leaves retained more of a natural material, which the tea polyphenols, caffeine could retain more than 85% of the fresh leaves, green tea ingredients, for anti-aging, anti-cancer, cancer, sterilization, anti-inflammatory effects, such as indeed, is unmatched by other tea. However, it is these natural ingredients, if the fasting state of drinking, will have a negative impact on the human body. Fasting, the tea will be part of active substance of the protein binding with the stomach, stimulate the formation of the stomach, easy to伤胃. In addition to gastrointestinal would stimulate, fasting tea will make digestive juice was watered down, affecting digestion. At the same time, when fasting, tea, some material easily be too much to absorb, such as caffeine and fluoride. Caffeine cause some people appear palpitation, dizziness, hands and feet can not afford, trance-like symptoms such as mind, medically known as the "tea drunk" phenomenon. Once the tea drunk phenomenon occurs, you can eat a piece of candy or drink a cup of sugar, these symptoms can be eased and disappeared. If fluoride accumulation in the body too much, it may lead to intestinal diseases, the impact of renal function. Suffering from stomach, duodenal ulcer in the elderly, fasting should not drink more green tea, the tannin in tea can stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa, causing illness, but also may cause indigestion or constipation.

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