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Welcome to our new वेबसाइट

4 November 2008
Welcome to NHS Direct’s new website! It has been redesigned to reflect our new ‘look’.
The site continues to promote the health services available from NHS Direct and provides detailed corporate information.
NHS Direct and NHS Choices
The other piece of good news is that we’ve joined forces with NHS Choices to provide health information on So you can now access all NHS online health information on one website.
By integrating the online services of NHS Direct and NHS Choices, the NHS will have the most comprehensive online health information service available anywhere.
Our services
NHS Direct will continue to provide the telephone service on 0845 4647, providing health advice and information 24/7.
All NHS Direct website health content will also be available on NHS Choices, including the following popular services:
Self-help guide – provides you with quick and easy ways of checking your symptoms and deciding whether you need to seek health advice.
Health encyclopaedia - provides reliable information on more than 800 conditions and treatments.
Common health questions – allows you to obtain answers to topical and frequently asked health questions.
Online enquiry service – you can submit and receive answers to non-emergency health questions.
The self-help guide and online enquiry service will also continue to be delivered and made available here on the NHS Direct website.

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