Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Brain tumor will to infect ?

Comparing the incidence of brain tumors in general, and some families have several generations of the occurrence of brain tumors. I have encountered Grandpa. Granddaughter suffering from the same type of brain tumor, the treatment of patients hospitalized at the same time. So many people ask me this question, "Will brain infection?" Can say with certainty that brain tumors and cancer is not contagious. The concept of infection, simply put, is a disease from a person through some sort of way to spread to another person। Transmission must have three conditions: the source of infection, transmission and the susceptible population, these are three indispensable. The clinical data demonstrated that brain tumor patients is not in itself the source of infection. Experts done this kind of experiment, from cancer patients to remove the cancerous tissues directly planted in another person, who did not survive growth. Although certain types of cancer that occurs with certain viruses, such as: cervical cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, leukemia, but still could not confirm HIV infection in some way will certainly have some kind of cancer is.
People suffering from the same family of brain tumor, brain tumor can only show that there are family genes, especially astrocytoma (glioma) of the same family, a higher rate of incidence। But note that there is not a family in patients with brain tumors, the next generation or the generation after next on some people will be suffering from brain tumor. Because the formation of brain tumors for many reasons, the current view that the occurrence of induced brain tumor factors: genetic factors, physical factors, chemical factors and tumorigenic virus and so on.
The world's brain is not as infectious diseases, treated patients did not take as infectious diseases such as quarantine measures. Neurosurgery or oncology health care workers, and their incidence of tumors than the general population is not high. Animal experiments also proved that the cancer of animals and long-term health of animals together, through repeated observation and inspection, had not been seen in any transmission phenomenon. Should remind you that we have family and friends had brain tumor, do not worry about infection, but should be more with them, and resolve the mental pressure of patients, to encourage patients to active treatment. Dedication to patients a warm and caring, so that patients can help improve the early resumption.

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