Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Children with hydrocephalus: the causes and diagnosis

The causes of children with hydrocephalus and crimes against
Hydrocephalus on the pathology and imaging, means the brain is full of single or multiple cerebrospinal fluid expansion of the ventricles, काउसिंग space thinning to reduce the cerebral cortex, the brain function of growth restriction। Hydrocephalus diverse reasons, such as intraventricular choroid plexus of normal production and secretion of cerebrospinal fluid, and blocked the flow of cerebrospinal fluid and become obstructive hydrocephalus; such as the normal flow of cerebrospinal fluid, and subarachnoid adhesions, occlusion, with the result that can not be arachnoid granulations the cerebrospinal fluid into the large intracranial venous system - sagittal sinus, and then back to the absorption of cerebrospinal fluid caused by obstacles to the formation of the so-called traffic hydrocephalus; so brain tissue due to ischemia or hemorrhage, appeared to soften in the recovery of the pathological changes shrinkage of brain tissue, resulting passive ventricle expansion, saying compensatory hydrocephalus।
More than can be seen in children, but especially in obstructive hydrocephalus most common. Multi-path in the cerebrospinal fluid circulation, the emergence of congenital deformity obstruction, or after the nature of inflammation, hemorrhage adhesion obstruction, or obstruction of tumor formation. Clinical epidemiological investigation found that in 5 years of age infants, the midbrain dysplasia or divide caused by the formation of hydrocephalus, the most common. These children, because no accurate self-report symptoms, together with the parents of neglect, often Imaging it has been more severe hydrocephalus, and few have been discovered in a timely diagnosis. As the national economy in recent years, large industrialized development, adverse environmental factors constitute the main reason for children with hydrocephalus, such as the gestation period of pregnant women and infants direct contact with chemicals, radioactive elements, the abuse of antibiotics, as well as pregnant women to use abortion drug to fetal medicine, are caused by newborns, infants, toddlers, the incidence of hydrocephalus increased year by year.
Infants with congenital hydrocephalus more than a few weeks after birth signs emerged, showing more of the same age as the head children increases, parents will find a little attention; also have children with birth abnormalities of the big head on. Generated as a result of hydrocephalus and to exclude the loss of balance, hydrocephalus increasing oppression of brain tissue, hydrocephalus oppression by the brain tissue, may turn out to oppression skull. As a result of fetal, neonatal, infant, or child care than the bone of the skull soft suture is not closely connected, or fontanelle has not yet closed, may result in compensatory increase skull to alleviate the intracranial pressure, alleviate symptoms in children. Adult hydrocephalus, usually head size is fixed and can not be compensatory increased intracranial pressure, it showed headache, nausea, vomiting, vision loss, and even the occurrence of epilepsy. It can be said that children with hydrocephalus and more signs show the appearance of change; adult hydrocephalus, more performance for the symptoms of intracranial hypertension. Children with severe hydrocephalus, large head, showing the characteristic shape, that is, its prominent forehead forward the development of eyes downward pressure on the ball, caused by the uppersclera eyes, "Levy was the sunset." Before the skull to expand and increase tension, other fontanelle can also be expanded, skull suture separation, scalp vein. Hydrocephalus occurs in children with head to the extreme limit the expansion of compensatory, but also the performance of the performance of intracranial hypertension: severe headache, frequent vomiting; and even epilepsy, quadriplegia, coma; long-term past, associated with compression of optic nerve atrophy can be induced blindness. Nystagmus, seizures also common. Also often accompanied by mental changes and mental disorders. A very small number of children with hydrocephalus, in the development of its own after a certain period of time to stop, the skull is no longer continue to increase, not in the increased intracranial pressure, known as the "static hydrocephalus." Early detection, timely diagnosis, appropriate surgery, on children with hydrocephalus is extremely important to save the children is a key factor in the quality of life. This is children with parents, from pregnancy, टी Pu, as well as the subsequent rearing period, in health awareness has put forward higher requirements. Careful observation, consulting physicians, early detection is an important measure of the disease.

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