Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Best Jiannao campaign - skipping

Do not think that skipping is a leg and foot exercise and has nothing to do with the brain. In fact, research shows that: Jiannao skipping is the best sport! Skipping when in order to lower limb after bouncing and action-oriented leg, arm swing at the same time, while the waist with the upper and lower extremities activities twist, abdominal muscle contraction in order to help put the legs. At the same time, skipping when breathing deepened, thoracodorsal, the Ministry of all the diaphragm and respiratory muscles are related to participate in the activities. Therefore, rope skipping, the brain in a highly excited state, often for such training, can increase the vitality of nerve cells and is conducive to improve the thinking ability. Learn from Chinese medicine acupuncture meridians, the skipping of the body meridians have a stimulating effect। Skipping when绳头hand, constant rotation will be able to stimulate acupuncture points the palm of your hand with the fingers, hands and thus clear the meridians, so that the hands, upper limb Department of the six meridians blood flow Chang lost in the brain. In addition the body meridians beginning and ending at 6 feet, rope skipping can promote limbs six meridians of the blood circulation. Therefore, the skipping can pass by the active, so as to achieve Xingnaojing, Jiannao role.
In her spare time to find a little place where you jump rope skipping, this is truly a good sport and physical Jiannao.


  1. This just proves capitalism is bad/we need socialized medicine and... (looks at kindpastor's comment) aww crap he totally invalidated my point with with his preemptive strike!

  2. It's great help for me!Thank you!